Are you thinking about purchasing some metal kitchen stools? Kitchen counter stools can really make the ideal seating due to the fact that they take up much less space than traditional kitchen chairs.

And with such a wide varsity of designs and styles to choose from, metal stools can add a very special atmosphere and mood to anyone’s kitchen.

And since most guest and family usually gather in the kitchen, having ample places to sit will make the very popular kitchen even more popular.

Kitchen stools can make your kitchen seating more comfortable and the area a much more inviting place for anyone that needs or wants to sit and:
• Eat
• Do a homework project
• Play cards
• Or just to sit down with a few family members or friends and chat

Metal Kitchen Counter Stools

Easy To Store Away

Metal counter stools can also offer the comfort of normal seating and some can also offer the wonderful convenience of sliding all the way under your kitchen counter and be totally out of the way.

Most are also very easy to store because they can be folded and put into a closet or other area and many can even be stacked on top of each other.

With such a large variety of available designs, it can really be a challenge for some people to try and decide which design would better suit their kitchen.For those that have decided on getting metal stools, let us look more closely at them.

Metal Kitchen Counter Stools 01

A Closer Look

Depending on the type you want, some metal kitchen counter stools are better suited for a more contemporary looking kitchen that has a very minimalist feel. This is especially true for the stainless steel type metal stools.

This type of stool can also be made from aluminum and will usually give a more modern look and feel to your kitchen. It also has somewhat of a sterile appeal. Many of these stools can be purchased in a hinged folding version giving you, even more, convenience by allowing you to fold them and store them away.

Wrought Iron

If you’d like a heavier metal stool with a sturdier look and feel you can always go for the traditional wrought iron. This type of stool is available in a wide varsity of choices with endless types of designs with the gothic style being one of the most popular.

Metal kitchen stools can have backs or come backless and the backs can be height or very low. They can also have arms or not and they can have a footrest if you so choose. I’d like to add that having a footrest to place your feet on can really make sitting on a high stool much more comfortable. They can also swivel if that’s what you’re looking for.


You can also get them with a leather seat which can make them very comfortable to sit in especially if one is sitting for long periods of time.

No matter which type of metal stools you decide to purchase for your kitchen always be sure to measure whichever counter you intend to use them at.

After all, nice looking counter stools sitting at a counter they don’t fit at really aren’t so nice looking.

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